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The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) provides a rigorous accreditation program that requires colleges to attain higher quality teaching, research, and service.

A Business School that has AACSB accreditation must have academically qualified instructors who demonstrate they are current in their profession through ongoing academic and professional activities.
As noted on the AACSB website:

"Accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process that includes an external review of a school’s ability to provide quality programs. It is helpful in many aspects, from ensuring that students are learning relevant material to allowing a school access to funding. Accreditation reviews include self-evaluations, peer-reviews, committee-reviews, and the development of in-depth strategic plans. They also include reviews of a school’s mission, faculty qualifications, and curricula."

The impact of accreditation is significant and meaningful. For example, a recent study found that:

95% of a sample of AACSB-accredited and in-process institutions from regions around the world reported that AACSB Accreditation "ultimately improves the quality of business programs."

Sukkur IBA is currently a member of AACSB International. Our aim is to get AACSB Accreditation in next five years. Our students will benefit from the effects of this accreditation process through the quality of the education they receive during their degree at Sukkur IBA and throughout their career.