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We would like to advise every student to please read very attentively the Circulars/Notices regarding Examinations Rules & Regulations that have been communicated to you with the Examinations Schedules and have also been placed on all Notice Boards as well as on doors of examinations halls or communicated to you earlier. (*You are also advised to read the instructions carefully, which are written on answer sheet, these other than following once.) Please note that Sukkur IBA management means every word of its notified policies has zero tolerance for violations. In this regard you should take special care of the following during examinations:


Bringing cell phones in the examination rooms is absolutely prohibited. If any student found bringing cell phone in the examination room, whether he/she using or not is liable to be driven out of class and marked as "F" and no excuse is accepted. In the past numerous papers were cancelled and marked absent for violating this policy. Therefore never carry your cell phone in examinations or do not try to give it to the invigilators or place it on the teacher’s table/roster or anywhere in examination room.


Use of unfair means during examinations is never tolerated at Sukkur IBA and the students caught doing so are immediately expelled from Sukkur IBA and they are not eligible for re-admission at Sukkur IBA. Therefore, in your own interest, never give in to this temptation.


Staff members invigilating the examinations are there to help/assist you to make sure that you take your examinations in peaceful conducive environment. Please cooperate with them, follow their instructions and never get involved in any sort of arguments with them. Invigilators and Center In-Charges are fully empowered to take immediate actions as the situations demand. If you have any complaints please contact your Mentor, Coordinator, HoDs or Examinations Department, before or after the examinations. Special vigilance teams are also formed to visit examinations, which comprises upon HoDs, Coordinators and Examinations Staff and they have also full rights take any decision as situations demands.
In examinations hall exchange of anything like calculators, scales, rubbers, pen, pencils etc are strictly not allowed. Any student try to communicated with any other students in terms of gesture, poster, verbal or nonverbal they shall be treated as “F” and their paper will be cancelled and no any justification entertained. So you are advised not to turn your head here and there in the examination hall. Strict compliance is advices.


Students are advised to sit on their proper seat number. Examinations department update their seat numbers on daily basis in term as well as in final examinations. Violations of sitting on their proper seat numbers will cause upto cancellation of their papers. Strict compliance is advised.


Going to washroom during examinations is not allowed. However in emergencies, students may be allowed to go to washroom but such students will be body-searched by special staff (lady searchers for girls) that will be deputed for this purpose before going to washroom and before entering in examination hall. No student will be allowed to go to washroom without body search.


Some students have the tendency of reading and going through their notes till the very last minute and then rushing to the examination rooms after the start of examinations. This tendency is not only against standards of examinations practices but also disturbs the examinations. Students are therefore required to be in their respective seats before the bell which announces start of examinations. No any student is allowed to sit in examination hall after 30 minutes of start of paper.


Finally, always keep a track of your attendance record in each subject. More than the allowed number of absences are not condoned under any circumstances and the students accumulating more than the allowed number of absences in a subject(s) get “F” grades in those subjects which not only adversely affect their CGPA but they also have to repeat the subjects in future semesters. In past semesters, many students were not allowed by Sukkur IBA to appear in the semester final examinations due to attendance deficiencies. Fresh students who got admission this year should take note of strict attendance policy.


  1. All answers intended for the Examiner must be written on both sides of the pages of the book and not on one side only. Supplements will be provided only when the candidate has fully written out in both sides of the pages of the book first supplied to him/her.
  2. No loose paper will be provided for rough work and no paper is to be brought in for this purpose. All work must be done in the book and the pages used for rough work for calculations must be struck out by drawing a line through each page so used from top to bottom and no pages should be torn out.
  3. Candidates are forbidden to write answers or anything else on the question paper, blotting paper or any material or carry away any written or scribbling from the Examinations Hall.
  4. No candidate will be allowed to leave the Examinations Hall until an hour has elapsed from the time when the question papers are given, or –re-enter Examination Hall after once leaving it by finally giving his/her answer book. No additional time will be given to late comers.
  5. All answer-books must be submitted promptly when instructor has announced “time up”.
  6. To draw the attention of the proctor, a candidate may simply raise in his/her seat without making any noise or disturbance.
  7. A candidate, while under Examination, shall not help or try to help any other candidate nor obtain any help from any other candidate or any other person, communication of any sort or in any form between a candidate and any person whether inside or outside the Examination Hall is strictly forbidden. Stringent punishment shall be meted out to students who are found in possession of note books scribbling, or using or making as attempt to use unfair means.
  8. Smoking is prohibited in the Examination Hall.
  9. Mobile phones and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the Examinations Hall.