Sukkur IBA University
Merit, Quality, Excellence

MS (Computer Science)


Goals & Programs Objective:

  1. Advanced domain knowledge
    To make scholars aware of various dynamics in the field of computer science to achieve:
    1. Competency to explore new streams of research.
    2. Capability to use state-of-the-art techniques,skills & tools necessary for the practice in the
      relevant area.
  2. Research contribution
    To enable researchers to apply acquired knowledge to contribute in the relevant areas to provide:
    1. Original and enhanced contribution in relevant research.
    2. The evidences of effective utilization of tools & techniques to give innovative integrated solutions.
  3. Critical analysis and problem solution
    To empower scholars to critically analyze problems, and provide their solutions with the:
    1. Capability to sense a problem,identify the computing requirements for various solutions &
      implement the most optimized one.
    2. Ability to design, implement, and evaluate computer-based system solutions.
  4. Research ethics
    To produce researchers with the consciousness of ethical, professional, and legal values,
    who possess the ability:
    1. To give due credit to other related works.
    2. To maintain originality & transparency in the research.
    3. To be aware of intellectual property rights.
  5. Leadership
    To nourish scholars to exercise leadership skills that enables them to effectively lead teams to
    trigger innovative research, with efficiency of:
    1. Coordinating multi-disciplinary teams.
    2. Providing proper guidance towards quality research.